The Technique

The Simbo Afro Brazilian Fitness technique is a unique, varied, original and immersive fitness workout that combines precision, deep strengthening, toning of the body, movement, rhythm and community. The training model includes functional, aerobic and anaerobic elements alongside endless creativity.

The purpose of the Simbo is to be a bridge to the simple, natural and beautiful things that exist in life. Connect fitness with joy, personal enjoyment of the group, and combine a training experience with a deep healing release of the mind.

The model of the Simbo technique was created by Jasmin Tzfania Halfon during a long exciting journey between the Favelas of Brazil to the slums of Africa, from the villages of the Zulu tribes to the Brazilian cultural capital Salvador de Bahia and published under copyright in Israel and around the world.

Within Simbo technique you will find a unique connection between authenticity and simplicity to the modern world of the here and now. The technique is suitable and accessible to anyone who wants excitement. Sculpt the body with utmost precision, persevere to stimulate creativity and dance together from sunrise to sunset.

Simbo - starts from the heart and explodes from within.