The strength in a group that train together

It is no secret that the need to belong to groups and communities is an innate and necessary need for human survival.


Many of the studies that I’ve read show that our surroundings can overwhelm our determination.


Our surroundings can affect us for better or worse. Sometimes we’re aware that our surroundings can hold us back, consolation may come from being aware of the fact (but we still choose to remain in the same settings).


In other extreme cases, we’re unaware that our surroundings are a hindrance to us and we just get left behind “Our lives just go by …"


So I say let's not focus on the way things have been until now but on the way things will be for us from now on.


The same studies have shown that the healthy habits of others rub off on those who are physically close to them and there’s no doubt that this is the case with physical fitness training so why not be a part of it "and live life as it goes by"


Group training has proven to be more effective physically, socially and on an emotional level.


During my years as an instructor and team leader, I’ve realized the importance of a group and its contribution to a winning environment during training for my students, students in general and for myself.



1: Enjoyment is guaranteed.  I’m intentionally starting with the "fun" part because if not for fun, it just wouldn’t happen. Enjoyment is the basis for everything at all ages from infancy to adulthood and is usually dependent on ones connection to a given type of exercise, the connection to the instructor and especially to the team.


2: Perseverance. When experiencing enjoyment our bodies release endorphins, which highlight our feelings of excitement, fulfillment and pleasure, it’s an addictive physical feeling that every person needs and it’s what instills in us the element of perseverance. Being part of the right group enables your body to release twice as many endorphins making the training twice as addictive enabling you to fulfill a continual weekly workout program.


3: Success and results. When you enjoy and persevere, by amongst other things belonging to the group that strengthens you, you will finally achieve the physical results you have always dreamed of, improve on personal achievements, always strive to move forward, keep up the healthy habits of your friends, be excited about the diversity that the group offers you, the company it offers you and you will lead a happier more content and fulfilled life.



Yasmin Tzfania Halfon

Founder of the Simbo Fitness technique.