Instractors Training

Want to embrace people into a life of fitness, rhythm, and true joy that bursts from the heart?

Dreaming of joining a warm and accommodating community of instructors and coaches from Israel and around the world?

Want to make your profession a fascinating journey?

Come and be a part of the next big thing

And join the SIMBO FAMILY community of instructors

The home of Afro Brazilian Simbo Fitness!

We invite you to get with the rhythm and sign up for the SIMBO FAMILY instructor training program.

A program that will teach you the “Afro Brazilian Simbo Fitness technique" that’s blowing away countless participants in Israel and around the world,

with more and more branches opening and spreading the virtues of Simbo.

What happens if you enroll in the SIMBO FAMILY Instructor Training Program?

If the flame is burning within you to the beat of Afro-Brazilian drums then your excitement won’t cease, because SIMBO allows you to live within yourself,

It’s a convenient and simple workout that’s suitable for all levels and styles,

full of original content that is constantly updated.

It’s a workout that releases tension and stress, while strengthening you physically, mentally, and socially.

You’ll reach peak results, while allowing yourselves to be who you want to be, all within a strong and supportive community.

Come and be part of our community of instructors

On our part, we’ll extend to you:

Because when you invest in yourself, your trainees will want to invest in you!

Simbo is the one thing I was missing as an instructor, this method gave me the tools I need to become a better trainer and give my students the best and most effective classes.

Yuli, instructor
North Cyprus

Simbo for me is life!

It's to dance through life, to dance the motion, to feel empowered and strong.

When the lesson begins and the music bursts out of the speakers I look at my class and it is clear to me that they feel the exact same feeling that is flowing through my body at that moment – the joy of movement, the desire to fly.

Malki, From Emeq Yizrael

I fell in love with the Simbo technique from the first moment! Music and movement give freedom that I’ve not found anywhere else. It gives the setting and the results to those who not only want to improve their physical abilities, but also to those who seek the release and joy of rhythm and movement. You definitely get two for the price of one.

Chen, From Rehovot

It’s a functional and fun method for strengthening the body and soul. Of all the techniques that I teach, Simbo is easiest for me to prepare for, amongst other things because Yasmin gives so much material and tools even after completing the training course.

Dana, From Kfar Saba

Yasmin Tzfania has cracked the "Da Vinci Code" of the movement.

Leah, From Beit Alpha

Simbo to me is first and foremost an experience of pure pleasure and release.  An intense hour of strength, flexibility, rhythm and movement that sweeps me and my students away while it leaves us with a taste  for more and more…

Yamit, From Mateh Binyamin

Simbo is joyful, lively and truly pleasurable and is the perfect workout for so many muscle groups.

Ilana, From The Golan Heights

The Simbo Instructor training course was just an amazing experience!

I was so looking for a course to suit me that would combine fitness with movement.

The wonderful Yasmin accompanied me and the girls throughout the course always paying attention and available to us at all hours (even if it was the middle of the night)

I enjoyed myself and really had fun.

Shahar, From Holon/ Bat Yam