A rhythm that starts from the heart and explodes from within!

The Afro Brazilian Simbo Fitness technique is a unique, diverse and authentic fitness model that combines a substantial, comprehensive and precise fitness routine, to strengthen and tone the body combining movement, rhythm and community. It’s a model that includes functional aerobic and anaerobic elements, alongside endless creativity. Come and discover the unique connection between authenticity and simplicity to the modern world of the here and now.

We blushed...

Simbo to me is a crazy rhythm, a combination of sport, toning the body and dancing in unison. I feel the rhythm bursting out, making me exercise my body, maintain my figure and loose myself in the rhythm of Yasmin’s technique, for me it’s the winning technique.


Simbo sculpts and strengthens the body and purifies the soul while connecting to empowering, rooted music, it teaches dance choreography with a technique that makes everything seem simple and easy. I can't believe how it ended so quickly. We continued forward with our life journeys with renewed energy leaving behind excess baggage and with a willingness to confront whatever lies ahead.


Three years of joy, I’m crazy about the training and love the precise combination of fitness and dance. The pace is all embracing and motivates me to train for fun. Simbo is life.


The combination of body and mind has always fascinated me, and then came Simbo which embraces and strengthens both inside and out.

It’s powerful, exciting and just magical.